Year One, Month-By-Month

This lesson will put together what you've learned in previous lessons and put it together into a plan to optimize your first year in Toastmasters, with these overall goals:

  • Achieving Level 3 in the Pathway of your choice
  • Becoming skilled and confident at filling all meeting roles
  • Creating a vision & mission for your self-development plans
  • Developing a bank of content to use

1. Month 1

You've just joined your Toastmasters club. This month will focus on setting yourself up for future success.

  • Toastmasters International (TI):
    • Make sure the officers register you correctly with TI. You should receive mail with your account information.
    • Get your TI login setup. Put this login information into a program like KeePass.
    • Edit your TI profile as needed (address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses).
    • Bookmark the Toastmasters website (you may want to create a bookmarks folder for Toastmasters-related sites).
    • Take the Pathways survey and choose your first path.
  • Your club's websites:
    • Easy Speak - make sure you bookmark the URL. Edit your profile as needed (address, phone numbers, e-mail address).
    • Free Toast Host - make sure you bookmark the URL. Edit your profile as needed (address, phone numbers, e-mail address).
  • Begin creating your Toastmasters binder.
  • Sign up for your first project to do next month - ask the VPE.
  • Ask the VPE for a mentor or accountability buddy.
  • Study the beginner roles section in the RDG TM Meetings program. You should volunteer for one of these roles if needed.