Topic outline

  • Introduction

    Find out what you'll get out of this course in this section.

    • When I started Toastmasters, there wasn't a lot of new member orientation materials available. You learned by watching others, and by being thrown into the deep end here and there. While a mentor helped with my first few speeches, I didn't get a lot of guidance on how to perform meeting roles.

      For someone like me, that was fine, but for most people it's a recipe for failure and lost memberships. Some clubs are focused so much on acquiring members that they forget to get these new members trained so that they can feel informed, involved, included, and inspired. This course is designed to help get that orientation done.

  • Before You Join

    • Many people are told to join Toastmasters for the skills they can gain, but aren't told about the work they need to put in. This lesson will go over expectations so you know what you're getting into.
  • New Members

    • This lesson will help you lay the foundation for your success by making sure you get access to various online resources, including Toastmasters International, Easy Speak, and so on. You'll also take steps to get setup with a mentor and decide your goals.

    • Now that you're setup, let's go over what you need to learn to lay the foundation to have a successful career in Toastmasters.

    • This lesson will put together what you've learned in previous lessons and put it together into a plan to optimize your first year in Toastmasters, with these overall goals:

      • Achieving Level 3 in the Pathway of your choice
      • Becoming skilled and confident at filling all meeting roles
      • Creating a vision & mission for your self-development plans
      • Developing a bank of content to use

    • Files that will help you get started.

  • Continuing Members

    • A key role to make the club succeed for experienced members is mentoring. This lesson will go over some tools and techniques for doing it well.

  • References & Resources

    Support files and documents that will help with this program.