Topic outline

  • Club Rescue for the RDG Club

    If you got the word out about your club to everyone in your area, but your meetings were disorganized, your leadership confused, and your members not enthusiastic, would any potential guests really want to become members? Can guests even get the information they need to find your club and try it? This course will help you identify gaps in how your club serves guests and members and develop action plans to close them. You'll get the tools to review, research, reload, and restructure your club.

    Part one of the Marketing the RDG Club series.

  • Introduction

    In this section, you'll be introduced to what this course is all about, and what it can do for you and your club.

  • Section 1: First Aid

    If your club is hurting, what are some first steps you can take to "stabilize the patient", so to speak? This section will cover some simple steps and checks you can do to start capturing leads, improve your meetings, and more. 

  • Section 2: Online Audit

    Many clubs use online resources to promote and provide information about their club, but what if your sites and platforms aren't guiding potential guests to your current meeting place on the right time and day? By performing the online audit, you'll uncover trouble spots you may not know you have in your digital presence.

  • Section 3: Moments of Truth

    Moments of Truth is a program produced by Toastmasters designed to improve a number of aspects common to most clubs. How do you use it effectively and make sure the changes that are proposed get carried out? This set of lessons will cover what to look for, some suggested solutions, and how to plan and execute changes.

  • Section 4: Club Rehab

    Beyond what's already been covered, what else can help get your club ready for a series of marketing campaigns? This section will give you tools and techniques to identify other gaps, and give you ideas to improve your club's condition.

  • Section 5: Putting it All Together

    In this section we'll put the tools together to help you make plans for rescuing and repairing your club, now and in the future.

  • Conclusion

    Take aways, credits, what's next, and more.