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Course Status - 6/6/2018
by Jeff Sauls - Wednesday, 6 June 2018, 12:23 PM

Hi all,

Hope you're enjoying the content here and finding it informative and inspiring.

As mentioned before, the meetings course is mostly done - I still want to add more info on special meetings and ideas for activities outside the meeting. Members has the new member information largely where I ...

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Available courses

Course Image Build a PDG Toastmasters Club: Members

Build a PDG Toastmasters Club: Members

If you want to have a PDG (Pretty Dang Good) club, you need to have members that are:

  • Informed - Do they understand the basic program, roles, and goings on?
  • Involved - Is the member encouraged to take on responsibilities and roles?
  • Included/Invited - Are they asked to come to extracurricular activities, etc?
  • Inspired - Are they encouraged to come up with their own participation ideas and execute on them?

This course will show you how to increase your member quality and retention by meeting the criteria listed above. It dovetails quite well with the PDG Meetings program, so make sure you run through that material as well!

Course Image Build a PDG Toastmasters Club: Meetings

Build a PDG Toastmasters Club: Meetings

Do you belong to a "so-so" club? Some symptoms of that include:

  • Membership is stagnant or declining
  • Meetings feel tired and stale
  • Members don't know or don't prepare their roles
  • The same people keep doing the same things

If you're seeing these signs or signs like them, it's time to learn how to turn your club into a "PDG" (Pretty Darn Good) club! This course will show you how, and provide plenty of resources.

This course will focus on creating Pretty Darn Good meetings. This means having meetings that are efficient, effective, entertaining, engaging, and executed well.

Course Image Build a PDG Toastmasters Club: Leadership

Build a PDG Toastmasters Club: Leadership

One key element to a PDG club is effective, engaged leadership. This course will help develop your club's officers from beginner to PDG quality. Inside, you'll get:

  • Month-by-month action plans for all officers
  • Checklists, cheat sheets, and more files to use
  • Links to essential outside resources that will improve your officer experience

All of this will make you a better officer, which in turn will make your club better.

Course Image Marketing the PDG Toastmasters Club

Marketing the PDG Toastmasters Club

Does your Toastmasters club want to grow its membership? By taking this course, you'll get a complete plan to grow your membership and retain those members. If you're below thirty members, you'll be inspired to get there, and if you have thirty already, you can use these tools to maintain your membership and continue to grow.