Getting Setup

This lesson will help you lay the foundation for your success by making sure you get access to various online resources, including Toastmasters International, Easy Speak, and so on. You'll also take steps to get setup with a mentor and decide your goals.

1. Toastmasters International Account

Before your membership application is processed, make sure you add the domain "" to your e-mail spam exclusion filters (also known as "spam whitelist" or "safe sender" list) to make sure e-mail from Toastmasters International (TI) gets to you.

After your membership application is processed, you should receive a welcome e-mail from TI (if you don't, either you haven't been registered or something is wrong with e-mail between TI and you). You'll want to go to their website, then select the Login link to get to a screen like this:

[Toastmasters Login Screen]

You can use the Forgot Password? option to go to another screen that will prompt you for your e-mail. Enter the e-mail that you used on your new member application, then select submit.

[TI Reset Password]

This should get your account information sent to your e-mail. If you do not receive this information within 15 minutes, try again after making sure your e-mail's spam filters allow all mail from If you still have trouble after that, you may need to contact TI's support line to make sure the e-mail they have on file for you is good.

Once you have your account information, go back to the TI homepage, and use the Login menu item, then make sure your login works.

After you are logged in, you'll want to verify your profile information is good. You can use this link or you can click the "Welcome <Your Name>" link at the top of the page. You'll then see your profile, and should verify that the contact information is correct. 

It's highly recommended that you save your login information into a program like KeePass so you won't lose it. Also, make sure you bookmark/favorite the TI website.