Beginning your TM Career

Now that you're setup, let's go over what you need to learn to lay the foundation to have a successful career in Toastmasters.

1. Learning About Meeting Roles

As pointed out in previous lessons, because Toastmasters is a volunteer organization, clubs only work when the members help out by filling meeting roles, working in officer positions, and doing committee tasks. These help keep the club strong and has many benefits for those who contribute, as mentioned in their respective sections.

Now that you're setup with your various accounts, the next question is "how do I do all those meeting roles?" The month-by-month for your first year will guide you in this direction, but make sure you study the RDG TM Meetings section on beginner meeting roles to start. Practice these for your first three months, then in your next three months, practice the intermediate roles. Repeat with the advanced roles after month six. (The exception is the speaker role; you'll want to do that in month two.)

If you have questions about meeting roles, check with your club, or post in the forum here.