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The Big Arcade Stick / Fightstick Pushbutton Guide

If you’re building your own stick or modding an existing one, replacing buttons is probably on your to do list. But with so many buttons out there, what do you choose? This guide will attempt to assist you with making that choice, focusing on advantages and disadvantages of the most common brands.

PowerShell: Mass Convert Zip to 7Zip or 7Zip to Zip

If you have a directory full of .zip files you want to convert to the 7zip format (or vice versa), these scripts will do that.

Zero 2 Modstick: Modifying the 8BitDo Arcade Stick

Been looking to upgrade your 8BitDo Arcade Stick? This video will show you how.

The Keyboard Switch Pushbutton / Mechanical Switch Pushbutton FAQ

Just about everything you need to know about GamerFinger, Crown 202, and more.

The Unofficial “Bear” Bones Guide to MiSTer

Looking for the next level of video game emulation? Heard about MiSTer but not sure what it is or how to get into it? This guide is for you.

Replacing X-Arcade Joysticks

If you have an X-Arcade stick and want to replace the included joysticks with Happ or iL levers, what do you do?

Project Skittles

About this Project Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, my now husband and I were into fighting games. I mean, really into fighting games. We had a Sega Saturn with the RAM Expansion along with great games like Night Warriors, Street Fighter Alpha 2, and X-Men vs. Street Fighter. That continued with the…
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Project Almond Joy

How to build the “Almond Joy” arcade stick/fightstick, using an AllFightSticks case, Brook Retro board, Gamerfinger buttons, and Samducksa joystick.

After Race Report: Spartacus Dash 2019

One of the best locally run races continues into 2019. What’s new with it?

After Race Report: Terrain Race 2019

Terrain Race took a novel pricing strategy approach, but was it worth it?

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