How to President the RDG Way

A wise toastmaster once told me that being president is either the easiest job, or the hardest job, depending on the people you have working for you. RDG presidents will have to put in time to achieve success, but their focus will be on communicating with their cabinet often and effectively.

1. What is the President?

"The president is either the hardest role, or the easiest, depending on your cabinet" an old Toastmaster mentor once told me. If you have a strong club with proactive officers, you have a lot less to worry about than a club that is doing just enough to get by and might be missing officers entirely. As president, the ultimate success or failure of your club is your responsibility. The measurement of that success is the Distinguished Club Program. As president, your abilities to proactively address challenges as well as engage your officers and members is key to making the program work.