All Officers

This lesson will go over roles & responsibilities common to all officers. 

6. All Officer Two Week Plan

To help get newly elected officers ready to go, there are two week plans in each officer section with tasks specific to the office. However, he's a common list of to dos for all officers that should be done in the month prior to their term.

  1. Read the relevant parts of the latest Club Leadership Handbook
  2. Create your Month-by-Month plan (see the Month-by-Month lesson).
  3. Participate in a DCP Success Plan meeting.
  4. Participate in a Moments of Truth meeting (this may dovetail with the Success Plan meeting).
  5. Make plans to attend a club officer training. 
  6. Seek mentoring from the officer you're replacing. Do they have any ongoing projects? Any relevant documents or files you could use? Do they have web or other accounts you need access to like Easy Speak, FreeToastHost, or Meetup? (if there isn't a current officer in your office, ask a former one) 
  7. Begin taking over some duties from the current officer.
  8. Setup one-on-one and executive committee meetings for at least this month and the next. 
  9. Begin identifying and contacting potential backups for when you cannot attend.
  10. Create or update contacts for the other officers, and make sure your phone has them loaded.
  11. Create your officer folder (see Officer Folder page). If you built a Toastmasters binder from the RDG TM Members course, just add this content to it.
  12. If you haven't already, make sure your logins or access to any Toastmasters site (including Toastmasters International, your Easy Speak site, your Free Toast Host site, Meetup, Facebook group, etc.) are setup, and bookmark them (preferably in a dedicated folder). Also verify your profile information is up to date.
  13. Verify that the current secretary submits the officer list for the upcoming term, and updates any relevant club websites (Easy Speak, Free Toast Host, etc.).
  14. Learn the basics of parliamentary procedure, including how to call for votes, getting seconds, and so on. 
  15. Get familiar with your club's websites as well as TI's Club Central.
  16. (OPTIONAL) Many Toastmasters create alternate e-mail accounts for Toastmasters-related mail. You may want to setup an account or alias with your e-mail provider; for example: would be for regular mail, would be for Toastmasters mail.