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Now, you can capture Hi-Def images yourself. With the solid, compact, ergonomically balanced, enormously easy-to-use GR-HD1, you can go where no consumer or HD camera has gone before. And at a fraction of the cost of current HD cameras with a signature look different from anything else. Then, with a multitude of avenues for creating, editing, enjoying and sharing your images, you can easily distribute your works to a worldwide audience by HD or regular DVD. HD quality, built to go places. With this HD CyberCam you too can join the world of HD and make digital movies on a level only accessible to cinematographers and broadcasters until now.

The Digital Hi-Def camcorder records in both NTSC and U.S. ATSC HDTV standard video on a standard Mini DV cassette. Recording can be done in 4:3 480i (DV compression) as well as 16:9 480/60p and 16:9 720/30p (MPEG-2 compression). In analog component it plays back in 480i (NTSC) and 480/60p, 720/60p, 1080i (ATSC), making it compatible with virtually all display devices. Its digital i.LINK outputs IEEE 1394-compliant 480i (NTSC) and 480/60p, 720/30p (ATSC) to D-VHS or computers via the FireWire connection.

To maximize its application potential in the field, and assure seamless transfer to a variety of post-production environments, the camcorder is equipped with three ATSC compatible shooting modes:

  • HD Mode that records 720/30p digital high-definition images,
  • SD Mode for 525p progressive wide images, and
  • DV Mode which records at conventional NTSC 480i DV standard.
  • High efficiency 6 frame group of pictures (GOP) Hi-Def MPEG compression allows the same recording time for HD on Mini DV cassettes as for standard SD DV compression.


Hybrid Complementary Primary Digital Filter

Hi-Def color purity and discrete reproduction allows you to see full detail without being obscured by lowresolution color smearing. The Hi-Def standard colorimetric range takes in more colors than NTSC as well.

HD Generation

With the advent of digital broadcasting, the industry is evolving at a rapid pace. With those changes also come real digital improvements for both viewing and recording. Now, with JVC's digital hi-def camcorder, you can own and shoot with a thoroughly up-to-date digital camcorder, record and edit hi-def images on their own PC that will stand the test of time, and view and share their personal digital movies on HD D-VHS or DVDs via a wide variety of display devices. All this innovation is made possible using standard Mini DV cassettes.

Hi-Def MPEG-2 on MiniDV Cassette

Another remarkable aspect of this video camera is that it records 60 minutes of HD signals on conventional MiniDV cassette. The benefit is obvious: MiniDV format, the defacto standard, is widely available and affordable compared to other formats used in professional systems, and by using a common cassette mechanism with DV, it is possible for the camcorder to offer regular DV recording as well.

Digital MPEG-2 Hi-Def and SD Recording

While the picture is encoded one frame at a time for DV, the time axis is encoded as well for MPEG-2, conforming to the HD Digital VCR Conferences Part 7 (DVB) and Part 8 (ATV) standards. The GR-HD1 uses a GOP (Group Of Pictures) of 6 for HD and 12 for SD, with a frame order of IBBPBB. The I frame is a complete frame without reference to any past or future frames; the P frame is encoded relative to the past reference frame; and the B frame is encoded relative to the past reference frame, future reference frame, or both.

High Speed Search Playback Possible

The i frame can be played back without using any other frame and is recorded in the appropriate variable speed playback area on the tape, allowing high-speed search during playback.

Recording and Playback of Digital HD Images

The Hi-Def Camcorder is able to record and play back 1280x720/30p digital high definition and 480p progressive wide images using a Mini DV tape. Important factors in making this possible are a newly developed 1/3-inch 1.18 million pixel progressive scan CCD and JVC proprietary signal processing.

Images Can Be Enjoyed On Virtually Any Monitor

Converts 720/30p digital HD images and 480p progressive wide images to the 1080i high-definition standard for viewing on the latest HD display devices. The down-converter converts images to conventional NTSC 480i broadcast standard video, enabling images to be enjoyed on virtually any TV.


Incorporates a newly developed single 1/3-inch 1.18 million pixel (1.14 million effective pixels) progressive scan CCD with patented progressive color filtering, as well as JVC's original signal processing circuitry and driving system. All together, this constitutes a system finely tuned to gathering high-resolution, high quality images.

Full Digital Interfaces

The camcorder is excellent at getting the images and sounds you need to the location where you need them.
Live HD images at 720/30p can be monitored digitally via the i.LINK connector (IEEE 1394) is primarily for transfer of MPEG-2 and DV video data to and from a PC or other compatible device like a D-VHS VCR. (Dubbing is not possible from analog HD sources). You get lossless digital dubbing of both pictures and sound in one cable.
USB for transfer of digital still images to and from a PC.
SD or MMC Memory Card for storage of digital stills and transfer of data to PC with appropriate slot or external reader.
Web-Camera Function Communicate via web-camera by running third party applications such as Windows Messenger for teleconferencing, video phoning, webcasting or surveillance.

HD and SD mode MPEG-1

Record wide dynamic range 48kHz digital audio with the camera's stereo microphone or via external stereo mini plug mic input. HD and SD modes record at 384 kbps. DV mode also records in 2 channel 48kHz or the 32 kHz 4 channel mode for post audio dubbing. Wind cut mode helps cut down wind created noise.


High quality 10x optical zoom lens with low distortion and high color purity edge to edge and across the entire zoom range, with light gathering ability that varies between just f1.8 and f1.9.

Stable Images

Its built-in optical image stabilizer provides ample zooming capability coupled with the non-degrading image stabilization of an optical system.

Rotating Grip for Stable Shooting

The camera's grip section rotates by up to 90 degrees, with smooth, uninterrupted motion from high-to-low-angle to allow stable shooting at all times. All the while the operator's hand remains on the grip, with fingertip control of zoom and auto/manual focus rings, auto/manual white balance, auto/manual exposure and shutter speed features.

LCD Monitor

With the rotating 3.5" high-resolution 2 Megapixel LCD monitor, you can shoot at angles and positions where the viewfinder isn't comfortable or practical. The LCD monitor can be viewed simultaneously with the viewfinder including comprehensive menu and camera condition information, especially convenient when working with others.

Color Viewfinder

Viewfinder incorporates 113,000 pixels, providing a clear full color view of video subjects.

Power Linked Operation

By pulling out the viewfinder or opening the LCD monitor the camcorder automatically powers up so you're ready to shoot.

When closing - power automatically shuts off to save energy.

Card Slot

Expands video possibilities with a built-in slot for an SD (Secure Digital) Memory Card or a MultiMediaCard, in addition to the MiniDV cassette. With this camcorder easily transfer images to your PC directly from the camcorders IEEE-1394 jack.

Tally Lamp, Beep or Melody

If needed, beep or melody sounds signify power-on and recording signaled by the tally lamp as well as a beep or melody. A shutter sound can indicate still shooting.

DV Mode 16:9 Anamorphic Wide

In DV mode, 16:9 Squeeze wide uses a wider view of the CCD (941 x 483 pixels) to create a full 16:9 image. This is then fit into the regular 4:3 NTSC signal to make a natural electrical anamorphic squeezed image to play back on a 16:9 TV at 60i.

DV Mode 4:3 Digital Wide

Digital Wide's broader pixel area (941 x 646) generates a high resolution wide-angle image equivalent to a 0.7x wide conversion lens. The frame rate is 30fps output on 60i, with increased sensitivity.

HD Digital Stills

  • Progressive CCD recording captures digital stills, a frame at a time so it has less motion blur and 1.5 times the vertical resolution of conventional field stills from an interlace camera.
  • Four sizes can be captured to SD memory card or MMC MultiMediaCard; VGA 640 x 480, Panorama 16:9 848 x 480 or 1280 x 720, and Megapixel 1280 x 960 still pictures.
  • Progressive pictures captured from tape to PC can also make high quality stills; HD at 1280 x 720, SD 848 x 480. DV stills; 640 x 480.
  • For Index playback and file viewing, File information includes Folder, File, Date made, Image size, Picture quality, and protect mode. On screen display is possible.
  • Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) ready. ready.

Built in Digital Effects and Scene Transitions

In addition to Black and White Monotone effect for HD and Digital Still modes, SD and DV modes also have Sepia, Classic Film and Strobe effects and 9 transitions you can apply both in the field shooting or during playback - White/Black and Color Fades; Corner, Window, Slide, Door Scroll and Shutter Wipes.

    DV and Digital Still Camera mode Playback Digital Zoom, and DV Mode Playback Effects

    You can blow up by as much as 20x part of a Still or DV picture right in the LCD or connected monitor. Playback effects via the camera's multi-brand compatible remote control, includes: Slow speed search, Frame by frame viewing. Classic Film, B/W Monotone, Sepia and Strobe.

          Macro shots as close as 2 inches (5cm) from lens. Tele-macro close ups from 2 feet (60cm) away.

                Intervals of 5, 15, 30 or 60 seconds or manually, the 5-Second Recording mode records events in 5 second clips. Similarly, Animation mode records a few frames.

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                Used; good condition. Includes:

                • Camera
                • Carrying bag
                • Manual
                • Extra batteries
                • Cleaning kit
                • Lenses
                • Cables
                • Handles
                • DV tapes
                • Cleaning tapes
                • Remotes
                • Software CD
                • Battery chargers
                • Lens cleaning kit

                JVC Digital HD Video Camera / Camcorder GR-HD1

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