• Rightcar Solutions Silicone License Plate Frame, Blue

Manufacturer Description

Flawless silicone license plate frames for savvy car owners. By Rightcar Solutions.

  • Rust-proof. Rattle-proof. Weather-proof. Enjoy the silence. Industrial-grade silicone. Resistant to rust and deformation
  • Unique Proprietary Design. Gives your car a better look!
  • Flawless Construction. Even edges and surfaces. No fading. No cheap, ticky-tacky screws or parts. Beautiful Like You Wouldn't Believe. 6 juicy solid-color options. Perfect for the discerning car owner.
  • Perfect fit for any standard-issue plate. Water and Ice Protection. Our frames have drainage holes that release water. Your plates will never tarnish, ice over or lose shape. No matter how cold it gets
  • 100% Street Legal. ZERO license plate obstruction. ZERO sticker obstruction. Drive safe and don't get stopped by the police
  • Industrial Grade Materials. Our frames are silicone, not metal. This means they don't rust. They don't melt at 392°F or crack at -76°F. And they don't lose shape under pressure or when bent
  • Durable. They may not be indestructible, but they're about as close as you can get
  • Anti-scratch
  • Patented design

Outlet Details

Open box item; used packaging from another set. Color is blue, not black.

Rightcar Solutions Silicone License Plate Frame, Blue

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