Topic outline

  • Announcements & Discussion

    This course will focus on creating PDG Toastmasters meetings. This means having meetings that are efficient, effective, entertaining, engaging, and executed well.

  • Introduction: What's a PDG Meeting?

    What's a PDG (Pretty Dang Good) Toastmaster meeting? How is it different from a non-PDG meeting? This introduction will show you what you can get out of this course.

  • Getting Roles Right: Beginner

    In this section we'll cover some of the roles that beginners can start with, including timer, WAG, and vote counter.

  • Getting Roles Right: Intermediate

    In this section, you'll learn how to tackle tougher roles with aplomb, such as Table Topics Master, invocator, and speaker.

  • Getting Roles Right: Advanced

    This final roles section will cover the toughest roles, including evaluator, Toastmaster, and General Evaluator.

  • Pulling it All Together

    Now that you know the roles, it's a matter of pulling everything together to create a PDG meeting. In this section, you'll get the steps you need to plan, execute, and follow up on your meeting.

  • Special Meetings

  • References & Resources